Toronto needs a strong inclusionary zoning policy

In the coming months, the City of Toronto is finalizing its inclusionary zoning (IZ) policy. IZ is used in many cities around the world and is especially helpful in housing markets like Toronto, where new housing is becoming increasingly expensive.

Inclusionary zoning (IZ) is an urban planning tool to create affordable housing. When an IZ policy is in place, it means that new residential developments are required to keep a certain percentage of their units at affordable prices.

The lack of access to safe and affordable housing is a key barrier to women fleeing violence. We believe that Toronto’s IZ policy can support the housing needs of women fleeing violence and other women-led households across the City.

Sign our letter going to the Planning and Housing Committee and tell the City how important IZ policy is for increasing affordable housing across Toronto.

Sign our petition and let Toronto City Council know that you want a strong IZ policy.

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