Creating a Culture of Safety

Violence against women doesn’t just happen at home.

One in three women will experience violence in their lifetime. Violence against women often extends beyond the home, and when it does, it can extend into the workplace. Domestic violence and sexual harassment affects organizations of all sizes across all sectors.

This year, to mark the 30th Global 16 Days Campaign, WomanACT invites you to make a bold commitment to eradicate gender-based violence. Contact us to register today for Creating a Culture of Safety workshop in your workplace. 

Creating a Culture of Safety:
Ending Violence Against Women at Work

Create employee awareness of gender-based violence, bystander interventions, and how to build positive workplace cultures that prevent harassment and violence with this 60-minute session.

Who it is for:

  • Companies and organizations of all sizes, across all sectors and industries;
  • Professional associations;
  • Professional networks.


  • The prevalence of gender-based violence in Canada;
  • Myth busting about gender-based violence;
  • How to be an active bystander inside and outside the workplace;
  • The role of organizations in preventing and responding to gender-based violence.


  • Increased workplace awareness and safety;
  • Empowering employees to prevent and respond to gender-based violence in their workplace and community.
Workshop Fee

The Creating a Culture of Safety workshop is $35 per person. If the fee is a barrier, please do feel free to reach out to discuss participation.

The Global 16 Days Campaign was launched in 1991 by the Center for Women’s Global Leadership as a way to campaign for the end of gender-based violence. It is held worldwide each year from November 25, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, to December 10, Human Rights Day. In Canada, it also includes the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women on December 6.

Work with us to acknowledge the 16 Days Campaign and end gender-based violence by participating in our workshop, Creating a Culture of Safety. Participants will learn about the realities of gender-based violence in Canada, and how individuals and employers can respond to gender-based violence in their workplaces and communities and help prevent it before it happens.

Let’s team up to end gender-based violence. Learn how to create a culture of safety at work.

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