Intersections between employment and safety among racialized women in Toronto

The Intersections between employment and safety among racialized women project is undertaking research to understand racialized women’s experiences in employment and how these are impacted by experiences of gender-based violence.

Canada’s labour market is gendered, racialized and consistently unequal. Labour market statistics show that racialized women are disproportionately impacted by these inequalities. Racialized women face unique barriers in employment which directly impacts their economic security. There is a strong connection between women’s employment, economic security and safety which is often overlooked. This project seeks to understand and highlight the intersections of these experiences.

The project will conduct a literature review, conduct community-based research on women’s lived experiences and involve key stakeholders in discussions for best practice and solutions. Using this new research, the project will engage partners to implement strategies that address barriers faced by survivors in employment. The project will also develop a policy strategy and advocate for organizational and system-level change that will address barriers to employment for racialized women with experience of violence.

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Premila Chellapermal

Project Coordinator