We provide education and training to help improve the overall prevention and response to violence against women across all sectors. We value continuous learning and believe that organizations require information and support to build capacity, develop policy and shift practice.


Explore our upcoming and past webinars for learning and capacity-building opportunities.

Evictions & Tenant Rights: Policy Changes and Practical Tools

This webinar will bring you up to speed on evictions and tenant rights in Ontario. We’ll review the current eviction process and the recent legal and policy changes affecting tenants. 

Supporting Women with Experiences of Human Trafficking

This webinar will present an overview of human trafficking in Canada, the increased vulnerability posed by COVID-19, and details about hotline operations. 

Online Training

Explore our self-paced online learning modules and courses.

Conscious Classrooms: Responding to Gender-based Violence

Designed for teachers and early childhood educators in Ontario, the training looks at children’s exposure to domestic violence and how educators can make a difference in the lives of such students.

Intersectional Approaches to Group Counselling

Designed for those who facilitate groups, the self-paced learning explores how people experience violence differently and how to maintain group goals without compromising the needs of individual survivors.

Connecting Legal Services to Interpretation

Designed for legal service providers, the training is designed to help legal professionals communicate more effectively through interpreters when working with clients who are not proficient in English.

Detect, Respond, Refer

Designed for dental hygienists, the self-directed training explores identifying and responding to gender-based violence, including organizational strategies for addressing it.

An Overview of Criminal Law and Violence Against Women

The self-directed training introduces workers to the criminal law issues faced by survivors. The modules explores Canada’s two court systems, common charges, basic language, role of the advocate, making a statement, etc.

AODA: Improving Access to Violence Against Women Services

The self-directed training is designed for people providing direct service to women with disabilities and women who are Deaf who have experienced physical or sexual violence, or criminal harassment.

Make it Our Business

Make it Our Business provides training and support to employers to help them better respond to domestic violence in the workplace as well as meet their legislative requirements.

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