We effect change

when we transform policies so survivors have more choice, protection and economic security.

We conduct research and generate data to spark dialogue, shift practice and shape policies that advance women’s safety and gender equity. We believe that public policy development must adopt an intersectional gender analysis and engage women and feminist organizations.

Economic Abuse

Economic abuse is a prevalent and often hidden form of violence against women.


  • Conduct research;
  • Raise awareness and deliver education;
  • Work with governments, community agencies and financial institutions to improve identification and response.

Income Security

Gender, income inequality and violence against women are interconnected.


  • Analyze income security policy;
  • Work with government and community agencies to improve access to programs;
  • Partner with employers to improve workplace safety.


Women’s right to, access to, and control over housing is a key determining factor to their safety.


  • Conduct research into housing and homelessness;
  • Analyze and consult on housing policies and programs;
  • Convene stakeholders to improve access to housing programs and policies.