AGES: Building Financial Security for Older Survivors

As women age, they are more likely to be living in poverty than men. This disparity is due to several factors, including the gender wage gap and women being more […]

Navigating Trauma: Understanding the counselling and psychotherapy experiences of survivors of intimate partner violence

In Canada, one in three women report experiencing intimate partner violence (IPV) in their lifetime, and data suggest that rates of IPV are as high if not higher among transgender and/or […]

Building Anti-Racism & Trauma-Informed Practices

While trauma-informed practices have become more widely used across social services, the recognition of intersecting trauma and the integration of anti-racism remains a gap within and across sectors. Trauma from […]

Experiences of IPV during the pandemic: Mobilizing for enhanced service delivery

Measures put in place to mitigate COVID-19, such as stay at home orders, have put families experiencing intimate partner violence at greater risk. In particular, young women and women with […]

Supporting Safe STEM Workplaces

The Supporting Safe STEM Workplaces project is working to improve access to legal supports and resources for victims of sexual harassment in STEM industry workplaces across Canada. Sexual harassment is […]

Safe at Home

The Safe at Home project is working to advance survivors’ right to remain in their own home or independent housing when leaving an abusive relationship. There is an expectation that […]

Canadian MARAC

The Canadian MARAC, Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference, project is coordinating a multi-agency response to high-risk domestic violence in three communities. The Canadian MARAC is a multi-agency meeting that brings together […]