Building Anti-Racism & Trauma-Informed Practices

While trauma-informed practices have become more widely used across social services, the recognition of intersecting trauma and the integration of anti-racism remains a gap within and across sectors. Trauma from […]

Experiences of IPV during the pandemic: Mobilizing for enhanced service delivery

Measures put in place to mitigate COVID-19, such as stay at home orders, have put families experiencing intimate partner violence at greater risk. In particular, young women and women with […]

AGES: Aging, Gender, Equality, and Safety

The project will bring together key stakeholders, including senior women and community agencies, to raise awareness of gender-based violence, strengthen referral pathways and build the capacity of community agencies to […]

Successful Tenancies: Building knowledge and partnership on gender-based violence in the housing market

The Successful Tenancies project is working to improve women’s access to, and experience in, the private rental housing market in Toronto. Gender-based violence is a common cause of homelessness among […]

Intersections between employment and safety among racialized women in Toronto

The Intersections between employment and safety among racialized women project is undertaking research to understand racialized women’s experiences in employment and how these are impacted by experiences of gender-based violence. […]

Supporting Safe STEM Workplaces

The Supporting Safe STEM Workplaces project is working to improve access to legal supports and resources for victims of sexual harassment in STEM industry workplaces across Canada. Sexual harassment is […]

Safe at Home

The Safe at Home project is working to advance survivors’ right to remain in their own home or independent housing when leaving an abusive relationship. There is an expectation that […]


The MARAC, Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference, project is coordinating a multi-agency response to high-risk domestic violence in three communities. MARAC is a multi-agency meeting that brings together community agencies to […]