Supporting Safe STEM Workplaces

The Supporting Safe STEM Workplaces project is working to improve access to legal supports and resources for victims of sexual harassment in STEM industry workplaces across Canada.

Sexual harassment is a prevalent issue across Canada that permeates into places of work. In the workplace it can negatively impact productivity and motivation, increase stress, and increase the likelihood of employees leaving their jobs. In response to the high rates of sexual harassment in STEM workplaces, the project will work with STEM industry partners to better understand the needs, barriers, and opportunities related to preventing and responding to sexual harassment.

WomanACT is partnered with the Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology to provide tailored support and training to help workplaces prevent sexual harassment, develop comprehensive policy, establish trauma-informed reporting mechanisms and develop avenues for resolution and referral pathways to support.


Literature Review: Safe STEM Workplaces

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Are you a STEM employer in Canada? Are you committed to creating a safe workplace? Are you interested in free tailored support? WomanACT is working with STEM employers to improve the prevention and response to sexual harassment in the workplace. This includes free training, coaching and support.

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