Canadian MARAC

The Canadian MARAC, Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference, project is coordinating a multi-agency response to high-risk domestic violence in three communities.

The Canadian MARAC is a multi-agency meeting that brings together community agencies to share information on high-risk domestic violence cases. Based on the risks and needs identified by the survivor and professionals around the table, a safety plan is developed for the survivor that includes actions by community agencies to increase the survivor’s safety.

The Canadian MARAC is an adaptation of the MARAC that was developed in Wales in 2003 and is now in place in more than 250 communities across the United Kingdom. The model has shown to reduce repeat victimization, increase survivor safety and connect survivors with the support and services they need.

WomanACT is leading the pilot implementation of the Canadian MARAC in communities across Ontario.


Issue Brief: Information Sharing and Intimate Partner Violence in Canada

Community Perceptions: Exploring the practices of risk assessment, information sharing and safety planning

A Community Analysis of Risk Assessment Tools for MARAC

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