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Issue Brief: Older Women Living with Disabilities Experiencing Intimate Partner Violence

Older women living with disabilities face various forms of abuse, often underreported due to barriers like stigma and isolation. This issue brief raises awareness about the structural disadvantages faced by […]

Infographic: Violence Against Older Women

Older women face disproportionate rates of violence in their communities and homes. This violence can be physical, emotional, economic, or sexual. This infographic breaks down statistical information about violence against […]

Infographic: Violence Against Older Women Risk Factors and Barriers

Age and gender both significantly impact older women’s experiences of violence. This infographic demonstrates the interplay of gender and age in many areas of an older woman’s life and how […]

Infographic: Promising Practices for Agencies to Engage Older Women

It can be difficult for older women to connect and find appropriate services and supports for their needs. This is because most services lack an understanding of older survivors’ needs […]

Economic abuse among senior immigrant women: Literature and research report

Senior immigrant women occupy intersecting identities of gender, age and immigration. Each of these have been known to impact experiences of gender-based violence and help seeking. Furthermore, these intersections can […]