WomanACT teams up with Uber Canada to help tackle gender-based violence

June 27, 2019

WomanACT is proud to partner with Uber as part of Uber’s Driving Change initiative, a global commitment to support and partner with leading sexual assault and domestic violence organizations around the world. In 2017, Uber pledged $5 million to support sexual violence prevention programs, starting in the United States. This week, the initiative has expanded to include Canadian partners.

WomanACT is committed to working across sectors to create systemic change. We believe that raising awareness and engaging in national conversations on violence against women is key to getting at the root of the issue. Global movements such as “Me Too” and “TimesUp” have helped spark a global conversation on violence against women and girls, and shown just how often it is normalized. We want to build on this conversation by engaging new audiences and we see this partnership as an opportunity to reach these new audiences and raise awareness on gender-based violence. 

Working alongside national and local partners, Uber’s Driving Change initiative will develop educational materials for drivers and riders and support community prevention programs. Together, we have the opportunity to reach millions of driver-partners and riders across Canada to raise awareness, prevent gender-based violence, and promote safety within the rideshare community and throughout Canada. 

​​ “Sexual assault and gender-based violence don’t belong anywhere in our communities. Helping keep people safe is a huge responsibility and one we do not take lightly. We are committed to learning from experts like WomanACT on how we can do more to prevent violence against women and to help keep people safe” – Morva Rohani, Public Policy, Uber Canada

 “WomanACT is thrilled to work with Uber – bringing together community expertise with Uber’s scope and visibility will help community partners engage new audiences to raise awareness and prevent sexual and domestic violence.” – Harmy Mendoza, Executive Director, WomanACT

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