Women Vote 2019 event wrap up

September 27, 2019

Last night we had over 75 people come out to our Annual General Meeting for our Women Vote 2019 event. We welcomed CityNews Toronto reporter Cynthia Mulligan who sat down with four women federal candidates in the upcoming election for a discussion on gender equality.

The panel was made up of:

Hannah Conover Arthurs, Green Party of Canada Davenport Candidate

Andrea Vasquez Jimenez, New Democratic Party of Canada York Centre Candidate

Jasveen Rattan, Comservative Party of Canada York South-Weston Candidate

Salma Zahid, Liberal Party of Canada Scarborough Centre Candidate

The panel discussed issues related to equal pay, childcare, gender-based violence and women in politics. The event provided an opportunity for attendees to ask questions and questions posed included “How will your government ensure budgets have a gendered lens?”, “How will your government support women in STEM fields across Canada?” and “How will your government support women living with disabilities?”

As the campaigns kick off, we ask the different parties to put equity issues at the center of the federal election. We encourage you to think about gender equality issues as you review election platforms, speak with candidates and head to the polls.

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